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Celebrating Women’s History Month at Power TakeOff

Power TakeOff runs on #girlpower. Across our software, analytics, M&V, marketing and customer engagement teams- talented women are creating an energy efficient future and innovating the energy industry as a whole. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there are 76% fewer women than men working in the energy sector, a significant difference from the average 8% gap seen in the total workforce. To celebrate Women’s History Month, our Communications & Culture Working Group has facilitated conversations around female leadership. We asked our team to share advice for young professionals entering the energy industry, and we found that mentorship, informational interviews, and cultivating confidence is key:


“Whatever industry you enter, especially one typically dominated by men, enter it rooted so deeply in your integrity that, during tough times, you will bend not break. Do this in a way that is respectful to yourself, to others, and honors your self-preservation as deeply as your hard work.” – Stephanie Marasca, EEP, National Account Manager.


“Talk to as many people in as many different facets of the field as you can. Go to events, reach out to colleagues, and branch out so you can hear about all the interesting things people are doing. Even talking with people in an area not directly related to what you think you want to do could end up opening your eyes to a whole new side of the industry that may end up being what you love most!” -Stefanie Getz, LEED AP, EIT. Energy Advisor.


“When you walk into a room full of men, don’t view it as a disadvantage but as an opportunity to leverage what sets you apart to succeed”. -Katie Waugaman, CEM, Energy Engineer.


“Find a mentor: Having a mentor is paramount to one’s success in the energy industry as they can help provide guidance and support as you navigate your career”. -Immanuella Iyawe, Data Analyst. 


Be confident in yourself and in your work. You may get people that are doubtful of your expertise right off the bat but if you present yourself with conviction and believe in yourself, that confidence will show and others will trust you more”. – Lucy Sondheim, Energy Advisor. 


We are looking forward to the rest of Women’s History Month and giving our team the recognition they deserve.