Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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We leverage data and software to provide innovative, virtual energy efficiency solutions to utilities and their business customers; for people and the planet.

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At Power TakeOff, we strive to change the utility industry and fight climate change in our daily work. Finding effective, unique approaches to promoting energy efficiency to businesses across the U.S. and Canada.

Supportive in our practice.

Supporting one another, collaborative problem solving, and kindness are core components of the virtual workspace we create at Power TakeOff.


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From fighting the climate crisis, to saving money and energy for schools, small businesses and public institutions- we aim to make a difference for people and the planet through our software and services.


A virtual workplace committed to connection.

A dedication to putting employees first.

At Power TakeOff, we take pride in being among the top 2% of employers for paid time off. We believe that in order for us to do great work together, we have to take care of ourselves outside of work. From the moment you start with Power TakeOff, employees receive:

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Paid Wellbeing Days

Employee mental health matters. We provide 7 days of wellbeing time to employees to promote wellness. 

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3+ Weeks of Paid Vacation

When you start at Power TakeOff, you receive 15 vacation days. After your first year, that number increases to 20. 


Holiday Break

All-Company Winter Break

We take a paid, all-company holiday break between December 25th and January 1st.



Summer “Friyays”

From June through August, we take each 2nd and 4th Friday off. More long weekends for adventure.



Every 5 years, we give our long term employees an extra 10 days off to use on an extended paid break. Every 5 year period, that paid break grows.


Volunteer Days

We value giving back to our communities. Each employee receives paid volunteer time, and each office organizes group activities.


Parental Leave 2

Parental Leave

We support parents. This includes paid leave to parents as well as flexible return to work arrangements. 


401k Retirement Plan

We invest in our employees, who receive a 401 (k) retirement plan with company matching.

Student Loan Assistance

Student Loan Assistance

We support recent graduates. Employees with student loans qualify for monthly assistance.


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Medical Insurance

At Power TakeOff, medical insurance plans include vision and dental insurance, as well as contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA).

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This is an Account Management position for Power TakeOff’s non-regulated services, including its Utility Intelligence Platform (UIP) product, Reports, and Benchmarking Service. The position will serve existing utility contracts by providing client and user customer service support and training, assist in software setup and onboarding of new users, generate leads and close new sales independently and in concert with the client. If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to jono.cullar@powertakeoff.com  by November 14th, 2022. 

The primary role of the Account Manager position is to provide value to existing and new software users. In this position, you will coordinate and collaborate with Lisa Buckland, Director of Operations and Jono Cullar, Director of Services to pro-actively deliver excellent customer service as a mechanism to generate new product sales. This position may also include on-site installation and troubleshooting support of real-time equipment for participants.

Power TakeOff provides a variety of services to utilities including, real time energy data access, reports that pinpoint energy efficiency opportunity, and Energy Star Benchmarking. There is a planned focus to increase utility marketing and sales in 2023 as the product capabilities expand to meet market standards.

To successfully achieve these responsibilities, you will need to become an expert in Power TakeOff’s software and numerous real-time hardware solutions, building systems and basic electrical wiring, and Utility energy efficiency programs and services. 

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Ensure retention and high customer satisfaction level for UIP clients and users.
    • Proactively reach out to customers by phone and email to ensure they are receiving maximum value from the product.
    • Ensure the client has a full understanding of the benefits and features that Power TakeOff’s products and software can provide them.
    • Identify demand reduction and no to low cost energy savings opportunities using a variety of different data sources in order to keep the client engaged.
    • Support user migration from legacy software to UIP
  • Selling new or upgraded services to existing software clients and new prospects
  • Supporting utility Account Managers through the sales and/or onboarding process
  • Have a moderate understanding of Power TakeOff equipment and technical solutions

You will also have secondary responsibilities for:

  • Listening and providing feedback from customers and the market to Power TakeOff’s Product Development team to enhance Power TakeOff’s service offering on an ongoing basis.
  • Assist in the creation of sales marketing material, and in particular customer case studies, to help generate market interest and verify savings claims.
  • Assist in the creation of Energy Reports as demand for these reports fluctuates by utility.
Overall, the most successful team members are:
  • Outgoing in that they enjoy proactively engaging and working remotely with clients
  • Have 2+ years of experience with account, sales, and/or customer relationship management
  • Goal-oriented and interested in working a strategy towards defined, achievable goals
  • Exhibit strong written and verbal skills are required to support both the communication and organizational requirements.
  • Maintaining a clear understanding of where to focus the team’s time and energy.
  • Adopt reliable and consistent organizational and time management practices
  • Proactive and creative in their approach to problem-solving and willingness to try different approaches to achieve an objective
  • Patient with the time it takes to see results
  • Flexible in that they are ready and able to change direction
  • Experience with building systems and building operations preferred
Required Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:
  • Demonstrated ability and comfort engaging and talking with business participants
  • Focus on key objectives and guiding relationships toward those objectives
  • Demonstrated ability managing a sales pipeline by engaging external stakeholders and managing multiple moving activities.
  • Demonstrated ability to keep notes and maintain systems records
  • Ability to work in a team environment, offering support and willingness to receive and provide feedback to achieve shared goals
  • Interest in analysis and data interpretation to solve practical problems
  • Proficiency using Excel and a variety of CRM systems (Salesforce, Outreach) is preferred

Hiring Salary: $57,000 + Commission (First Year $7,000 – $11,000)

Power TakeOff is seeking an Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Consultant to support the design and development of a vSEM pilot. We anticipate that this position will be in effect for at least 18 months. If you are interested in this position, please email your resume and cover letter to emily.startz@powertakeoff.com  by October 31, 2022. 

This is an exciting opportunity to help shape the future and industry expansion of SEM. If you have always wanted to innovate and push the boundaries of how to deliver SEM, this opportunity is for you! The Consultant should bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to drive the development and continuous improvement for the vSEM (Virtual SEM) pilots from Power TakeOff that begin in 2023. Historically, SEM programs have delivered deep, persisting energy savings and cost benefits to industrial, manufacturing, data center, and healthcare organizations. Power TakeOff is excited to apply our success and experience in data analysis and small-to-medium size participant engagement in Virtual Commissioning (VCx)  to the world of SEM. We are seeking an SEM expert to provide pilot design guidance and lead delivery of the pilot design plan that details the steps and processes within the customer journey that will be used for implementation of vSEM.

Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Provide critical knowledge and insight into the program design and resources for a successful pilot, providing subject matter expertise and leadership, assisting the Program Director with executing a successful pilot, while coaching the team on best practices and continuously improving our execution and implementation. The consultant will act as a sparring partner with external expertise that helps make internal leaders make better decisions with regards to utility client pilot development and deliverables. 
  • Provide leadership and develop a plan to control the pilot process and will have shared accountability with the Program Director on the outcome. 
  • Introduced to internal subject matter experts and build their expertise, feedback, and recommendations into the pilot design and project plan.
  • Work closely with the existing utility Program Managers to establish reporting requirements that are in line with SEM programs. 
  • Plan and facilitate workshops with internal staff to increase their education and capture program design element ideas with respect to the SEM minimum requirements and specifically, commitment, implementation, planning, and reporting.  
  • Have the expectation that the role will evolve to focus on different aspects of program design, resource and material planning, workshop development, recruitment tactics, improved engagement and reporting to participants.
Success criteria specific to the SEM Program Manager:

Success in this role is primarily measured by a successful (measured in energy savings, customer and utility impact) pilot in 2023. This person should also:

  • Have a clear understanding of the direction and vision for the vSEM initiative. 
  • Strive for alignment and consensus with internal stakeholders
  • Request and escalate the need for additional resources, if necessary, to be successful including time, people, or budget
  • Develop and maintain an organized and robust roadmap or project plan that can be transparently tracked. 
  • Have the confidence and skills needed to address mistakes, address inaction, or fail fast.
  • Be an excellent communicator – being open, engaged, approachable, respectful, and pausing to educate internal stakeholders to ensure people are informed and continue to learn from and be engaged with this process.