Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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Virtual SEM™

The future of customer engagement is virtual.
Virtual engagement is what we do.

Power TakeOff has spent 15 years listening to utilities and their customers. Our new Virtual SEM™ program fundamentally intertwines the solutions to both utility and participant barriers. Since 2020, we have heard them loud and clear, virtual programs work. Power TakeOff’s Virtual Strategic Energy Management™ program will open a new pathway for small and medium businesses to participate in utility energy efficiency programs. 

Introducing vSEM™.

We listened to customers for a decade: here's what we found.

Customers prefer virtual programs.

In Focus on Energy’s 2020 Evaluation Report, only 9% of Business & Industry customers attended an in-person training in the past two years.

Customers love connection to peers.

According to Puget Sound Energy’s 2016 RCM Evaluation, participants liked the SEM’s peer to peer networking. 

Customers want recognition for their efforts.

In the newest CA SEM Evaluation, customers said they wanted to be rewarded for behavior change, too.

Experts in Virtual Engagement

First of its kind, but far from new for us.

Virtual programs are our expertise. From our proven ability to target SMBs without traditional marketing, to See our award-winning Virtual Commissioning energy efficiency program to learn more.

Our savings estimates are accurate.

We only use utility meters, making our savings estimates the most accurate available in the industry.

Human-centered design.

Industry-leading M&V, industry knowledge, holistic design, stakeholder understanding, easy to evaluate. vSEM has it all.

Benefits of Virtual Strategic Energy Management™

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

With the Virtual SEM™ program, any customers can get eligible savings from any building or process improvement. Once in the vSEM program, customers are provided custom evaluations of their facility usage, and provided ongoing support and educational opportunities to improve their energy efficiency.

Our program staff and energy coaches have designed, administrated, implemented and evaluated SEM programs since the beginning. We know the barriers for every stakeholder, and have designed the program with you in mind.


With Power TakeOff’s in-house EMIS, participants can see the impact of their energy, and feel empowered to make changes. 

Participants engage with each other through peer network groups. In these groups they collaborate, brainstorm and connect. 


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