Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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Advanced M&V

Data driven savings persistence modeling.

Power TakeOff has designed and built an industry leading energy efficiency support platform. Used to measure savings for energy projects across the U.S. and Canada, Power TakeOff’s M&V 2.0 methods are the industry standard for on-time, accurate and repeatable reporting. Our commitment to transparent methodology ensures stakeholders feel confident in their success.

Beyond measurement, Power TakeOff’s M&V platform is the first of its kind to actively monitor customer data for unexpected changes. Our ‘Drift Detection Alerts’ notify Energy Advisors of issues, so we can take immediate action. We are able to notify users to restore their savings and protect their assets. This real-time feedback ensures savings persistence and guarantees program results. 

M&V News

M&V Publication: Revisiting Typical Weather Data


Weather data is used when predicating consumption for the lifetime of energy efficiency projects, and rely on being able to use a typical meteorological year (TMY3) to normalize energy consumption for any given year. In this recent study, Anna Kelly and Craig Sinnamon evaluate the use of TMY3 data to varying temperature data set ranges to evaluate the use of these sets for weather normalization, applicability in the face of accelerating climate change, and availability of TMY3 as it exists today.

Webinar: Measuring Savings Persistence: Can You Handle The Truth?


Techniques for measuring savings persistence of non capital measures in the sector are rapidly evolving in recent years, but measure lives remains grounded in . How has deployment of AMI data changed the way we evaluate persistence, and its impact on the relationship between utilities and their business customers? Join moderator Eliot Crowe (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and panelists Phil Degens (Energy Trust of Oregon), Faith DeBolt (SBW Consulting Inc.), Todd Amundson (Bonneville Power Administration) and Anna Kelly (Power TakeOff) in a discussion evaluating challenges utilities, regulators and evaluators face towards savings persistence and potential for change. 

Power TakeOff’s M&V Features

Leveraging Hourly Data

Advanced M&V modeling at Power TakeOff identifies savings as low as 3% consumption for facilities providing hourly data.

Non Routine Event Handling

Our program evaluates facility AMI data to detect anomalies in facility usage pattern- notifying participating sites to ensure savings persistence.

Proven Third Party Evaluations

Power TakeOff’s M&V program is proven accurate by utility partners and third party evaluators year after year.

We set the industry standard

Power TakeOff’s M&V team is composed of certified industry experts, who have researched, published papers, and contributed to updating the IPMVP standards.

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