Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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Real Time Monitoring

A diverse range of real-time services.

Through its Utility Intelligence PlatformTM Power TakeOff offers a diverse range of real-time energy, environmental, process, and equipment monitoring services for advanced energy users and key account customers looking for energy insight beyond interval meter data. Our low-cost, turn key real-time minute by minute monitoring services enable sophisticated businesses to participate in DR, identify hidden energy waste, and accurately verify energy savings from prescriptive measure investment.

Real-Time Monitoring Benefits

What Gets Measured 
Gets Managed

Power TakeOff offers a range of real-time water and energy tracking hardware compatible with any customer’s meter or facility design.

Slash Peak
Demand Charges

Monitoring your electricity in real-time improves your ability to quickly identify unusual or high usage immediately.

Cellular Data Delivery –
Bypass Corporate Networks

Power TakeOff uses cellular networks for data delivery to avoid the use of corporate networks which often result in project delays, additional costs, and more work for everyone involved.

Water, Electric,
Gas And More

Minute by minute real-time, cellular monitoring for all your data needs.

Key Features


1 Minute Data

Identify kW peaks within 15-minute billing intervals.


Isolate specific equipment & processes to identify usage.


Real-Time Alerts

Immediate text, email, or phone call alerts for high or unusual usage.

Cellular Communication

Avoid IT delays with cellular data delivery.


Immediate Behavioral Change

Real-Time insight fosters real-time responsible energy usage.

Energy Cost Allocation

Identify the exact cost to manufacture or produce your widget.

ComEd & Chicago Public Schools

Since late 2018, Chicago Public Schools has been a participant in ComEd’s Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) energy efficiency program; utilizing traditional VCxTM , Real-Time Monitoring and Hybrid VCxTM

The results of the program are realizing massive energy savings for the district, who is able to reallocate savings to further energy efficiency goals, and return these savings to the schools, students and teachers. 

Learn more about our partner program here: https://comedemergingtech.com/project/real-time-vcx-schools


Real-Time Alerts

Text Message, Email, or Phone Call
Alerts can be sent via email, text message, or automated phone call according to the user’s preferred communication platform. Users can receive one or all three notifications.

Operating & Non-Operating Hour Alerts
Create different alert levels for peak usage thresholds during operating hours and non-operating hours.

Unlimited Alerts & Recipients
Users can create unlimited alerts and add as many users to each alert as needed. Each unique user can receive a notification on their preferred platform.

Full Software Mobile Accessibility

Remote Building Management
Setup away from the office with assurance you can easily monitor facility performance and operations.

On-site Technical Analysis
Troubleshoot equipment or mechanical problems at the source using a mobile device.

Receive Alerts on Your Mobile Device
Emails, text message, and phone call alert notifications warn of high or unusual costs and usage directly to your phone or tablet.