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Celebrating Earth Day 2021

In April of 1970, twenty million Americans held demonstrations across the U.S. to put environmental regulations and protections on the national agenda. Today, it is celebrated globally from April 20-22 by over a billion people advocating for the health of our planet and the active fight against climate change. Energy efficiency plays a key role in combating climate change; including the reduction of GHG emissions, both direct emissions from fossil fuel combustion and indirect emissions reductions from electricity generation. The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) holds energy efficiency as a pillar for sustainable development worldwide; offering “a unique opportunity to reconcile economic competitiveness with sustainable development, and simultaneously reduces the cost of energy and increases productivity.”


Power TakeOff is proud to put energy efficiency at the core of our work for people and the planet as stated in our company vision, “To improve our environment in response to the existential climate crisis we face by empowering businesses and utilities to more efficiently manage their resource consumption.” In 2020, across our utility customers Power TakeOff delivered >35 GWh of energy savings to customers nationwide, the equivalent of 24,804 metric tons of carbon emissions. In 2020, it would have taken 30,389 acres of U.S. forests to capture the same amount of carbon emissions avoided by our energy savings. It would also take the same amount of energy to charge 3,017,210,419 smartphones. 


Happy Earth Day from the Power TakeOff team to you! We hope you get a chance to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate the Earth not just today, but everyday.