Virtual CommissioningTM (VCxTM) is an innovative energy efficiency program which provides utilities with a mass market small and medium business (SMB) solution by capitalizing on AMI investment. Want to learn more?
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As a NEEP Ally, Power TakeOff is excited to attend the upcoming 2019 NEEP Summit on Pathways to Decarbonization in Brooklyn NY from August 27 to 29th. Come learn how Power TakeOff's Virtual Commissioning (VCxTM) Program is working with utilities to reduce carbon impact in the small and medium business and public institution sectors through the use of AMI data and analytics to pinpoint organizations that provide the greatest efficiency saving opportunities. By targeting and engaging...

Join Power TakeOff and many utility, evaluator and implementation DSM peers to discuss 'EEvolution', the theme for this year's Summer Conference in Toronto. As an AESP member, Power TakeOff is excited for the conference to take place in Ontario where we have a robust software development team located just outside of Toronto. We look forward to contributing to the conversation and lending our expertise as a leading non-residential AMI data driven engagement provider through the company's...

For many commercial customers, a slight shift in operational activity can result in a substantial reduction in energy costs each month. Electric demand is the rate at which a facility is using electricity at any given point in time, and utility companies will often charge customers based on the highest demand during any 15-minute period in a billing month. Any unpredictable spike in electricity usage can drastically impact your peak demand charge, and it is important...