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Celebrating Our System Administrators

Last Friday, July 30th was National System Administration Appreciation Day. Power TakeOff wants to celebrate our team by highlighting the hard work and outstanding contributions that Danny Lewis and Justin Kehl bring to our work. Our system administrators are responsible for ensuring the systems and data everyone uses every day are up to date, maintained, secure, and operating correctly. We are so thankful Danny and Justin!


In his own words, Danny is an “InfoSec dude; arch-nemesis of tacos; naturally and artificially flavored; aggressively unfancy; and a recovering paramedic”. Before joining the Power TakeOff team, Danny worked as an information security compliance coordinator in the insurance industry. Ultimately Danny decided to join the team after seeing “an opportunity to help change the world through energy savings.” Danny’s favorite project he’s worked on at Power TakeOff is the implementation of a security information and event management system that allows us to look at our network through a larger lens. In his free time, when Danny isn’t making tremendous strides in information security and data quality, Danny enjoys cooking, baking, voiding warranties, and photography. 


Justin has been working full-time at Power TakeOff for over 4 years now. We’re proud to have Justin on our team from Canada where he grew up in a small town just outside Kitchener-Waterloo and currently lives in Kitchener with his fiancée, Janel. He always had an interest in computers growing up, which he hasn’t stopped nurturing! Justin applied for Power TakeOff because “The work sounded interesting, and I appreciate the fact that I can make a positive impact on our world and planet!” The major projects Justin works on are setting up our data connections with our various partner utilities, assisting the data and development teams with troubleshooting our production environments, as well as setting up additional servers and services that we need. Outside of computers Justin enjoys brewing beer with his twin brother, as well as playing board games and card games. When asked about his favorite project at Power TakeOff so far, Justin said, “I really enjoyed working with the Development Team on planning and setting up the UIP. I established moving our backend and frontend services that enabled easier testing, development, as well as increased reliability and uptime in our application. It was very much a team effort across the board, but I’m extremely proud of what I contributed.”


Thank you, system administrators! We couldn’t do our important work without your help.