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Meet Our Team: Celebrating Our Current Interns!

Happy National Intern Day! As Power TakeOff continues to expand our team, we are continually searching for enthusiastic and motivated interns who are looking to learn more about the energy efficiency industry. Our 6-month, paid internship opportunities allow for students and recent graduates to gain real-world experience and niche knowledge in an innovative field. At Power TakeOff, we take pride in hiring interns that are passionate about our mission, and make a difference with their work- often staying with our team and taking on full-time roles post-internship. Power TakeOff currently offers 2 internship opportunities, an Energy Advocacy Internship and a Marketing Internship. 


Energy Advocate Interns provide support to the daily activities of the Energy Advisors and the Power TakeOff team. The learning opportunities are as follows but not limited to:

  • Analyzing electric meter data for various companies 
  • Creating 1-page reports outlining energy-saving opportunities 
  • Contributing to our blog and other social media posts
  • The completion of an independent research project


Marjorie Tabora, one of our current Energy Advocate Interns, is an incoming senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Environmental Studies with minors in Business and Electrical Engineering. She is proud to be a first-generation college student and is also proud of her Latino heritage. Marjorie is constantly looking for ways to give back to her community and get involved with affinity groups at CU, and she hopes to specialize in renewable energy and climate. Marjorie discovered the Energy Advocate position on LinkedIn and promptly emailed her resume and cover letter to our intern coordinator, Hannah Bieker. However, Marjorie ultimately accepted the internship job offer after learning more about the company culture at Power TakeOff. She says, “I want to love my job, love the place I work at, and have a company that has similar values as mine. I was excited to be a part of such a warm and welcoming community as well as learn from a rapidly growing team! Honestly, my colleagues and the work we are doing keep me at Power TakeOff.  I love the company culture and love that we are actively helping people with energy savings.”


Outside of work and school, Marjorie loves to cook and make crafts, and even run a small business where she designs and makes stickers! When asked what she is most excited for as an intern she said, “I am a very data-driven individual, so I want to learn how the data model changes and how we get the most accurate numbers! I am most excited to work on my internship project, and to be able to collaborate with my coworkers and fellow interns!”


Marketing interns, on the other hand, provide support to the marketing department and work on a variety of project management based tasks including:

  • Content creation and project management
  • Monitoring and tracking our social media and web analytics
  • Developing a marketing research project ending with a clear deliverable and presentation
  • Creative graphic design work


Sydney Stegeman, our current Marketing Intern, is an incoming senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing with minors in Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility. She also discovered the position on LinkedIn. However, Sydney ultimately accepted the internship job offer after observing women in leadership at Power TakeOff. She says, “I was incredibly drawn to Power TakeOff after going through the interview process. For the first time in my career, I was interviewed by two women alone. I loved seeing women at Power TakeOff thriving in a male-dominated industry. It makes me feel empowered! Overall, it is clear that women hold a powerful role in the success and innovation that Power TakeOff provides for SMBs.”


Outside of work and school, Sydney loves to ski, paint, draw, travel, camp, and go to concerts. When asked what she is most excited for as an intern she said, “I can’t wait to make long-lasting connections with the team at Power TakeOff. I can tell that everyone really cares about helping me learn and succeed every day. These are the kind of people I hope to keep in my professional and personal network for the entirety of my career.”