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Earth Day 2020

Earth Day is a special occasion for Power TakeOff and within the energy efficiency industry. Although we were disappointed to not continue our company tradition of volunteering with the City of Denver Parks Department due to COVID-19, we made the most of the day by reflecting on both the negative impact and positive accomplishments that we as individuals, and a company, make on our Earth. We’re proud of the ~20 GWhs of electricity saved by the team in 2019 through our day-to-day work, but we also recognize a need and opportunity to extend our individual impact by further leveraging public transit, reducing flights, and expanding the use of reusable products. Looking ahead, we’re excited to expand and add new utility partnerships to further our team’s impact and help lead the energy efficiency industry charge in 2020. At the quarter point of the year we’re already nearly half way to our >30 GWh goal for 2020 with many additional exciting projects in the works that will help shift energy usage to ‘cleaner’ times of day to keep our air safe and mountain view clear.